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An Honest Review of NPCA’s Social Media Course With Tyler Bender

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit in on Tyler Bender’s Social Media Video Course at NPCA.

To say this class packed the proverbial punch is an understatement, so much so, I’m not even sure where to begin. I came into this class feeling skeptical and uncomfortable, due to very little tech experience and the fact that I dislike being in front of the camera.

With my negative attitude in check, I had resigned myself to the EPIC FAIL STATUS, thinking I was way too old for this and what in the “good lord” was I even doing there? I can now say without a shadow of a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable classes I have taken in a very long time.

I found Tyler to be extremely personable and very relatable. She explained the TikTok platform clearly and was very open, honest and knowledgeable about the process. I found myself engaged, having fun, following along and actually excited about the possibilities of what I could create. I think what really blew my mind, was the idea that a 30 second piece of video could be viewed over 10 million times in less than 24 hour period and labeled “viral”.

With this said, I decided to take the challenge and see for myself just how TikTok works? With the help of our amazing Student Coordinator (aka my Best Friend) Lexi Korhonen, we took the footage, added a trending sound and Voila, we are up for viewing. It was literally that simple!

Now, I am sure you are on pins and needles for my report and wondering how many views did I receive? To be completely honest, I was shocked! As of this writing, I have had 825 views in the last 24 hrs. It’s not viral by any means, but it was 825 more people that now know about me.

If you think about this from a marketing perspective, imagine you had 825 potential clients show up to your place of business all at once, would you be able to give them the attention they deserved? No, you could not, however putting yourself and your business on the TikTok platform completely changes all of that. You can send a visual message about your business, its offerings and what to expect as one my customers.

This course is designed for the beginner, the intermediate as well as the advanced student, as Tyler has it all dialed in. Her content and presentation was first class, and at the end of class I received a ton of information of what we went over in class. I seriously cannot recommend this course enough. I had an opportunity to witness the power of social media and how it is used to deliver a message out to a mass audience. It was pretty incredible, which is why you must come and take this course for you and your business. I guarantee it will give you an edge over your competition. NPCA’s Business 101-Social Media Video/Photo with Tyler Bender, it will not disappoint!

If you'd like to take this course, go check it out over at

you will not regret it!

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