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How to Start a TikTok Account from Scratch

Updated: May 9, 2022

If I were starting a TikTok account from scratch this is what I'd do.

I would sit down and brainstorm four to ten different content ideas that work for my business and or niche. Then I would figure out the easiest ideas to consistently create videos about. I would then find a well-lit background or clean space in my home or studio to make my videos. Then I would batch create as many videos as I could in the time I had. I would try to keep my first batch of videos as valuable and educational as possible. Then I would post at least 6 at once to get my profile started.

I would keep testing different content ideas until I had about 12 to 15 videos.

Then by the time I got to 12 or 15, I would look at my Analytics (especially shares and comments) to see which video style is the most popular with my audience. After analyzing my content I would look at my most popular videos, my most engaging videos, and the easiest videos for me to sustainably create and base my strategy on those forms of content.

If I were having a difficult time getting started on TikTok, I would then throw a bit of money at my first few videos. Promotions on TikTok are incredibly underpriced and undervalued especially when compared to other ad platforms at the moment. Even $10 can push your video a few thousand views higher than it already had.

No views? Don't freak out!

If TikTok wasn’t the solution for me and I found I was struggling to get viewership or an audience, I would then consult friends and family who use the app and get their advice on what kind of content they like and how I could implement that into my strategy. I might even look into paying a professional marketing consultant or TikTok strategist to take a look at my account.

That being said, the beauty of vertical video content is that almost every social media platform is using it right now. so, if your video doesn’t do well on TikTok, you still can put it on Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, or even Pinterest.

Because I love you, I’m going to give you some fun TikTok content ideas to get you started.

  1. Do a Q&A on Instagram stories and make videos answering those questions (boom! cross-promotion)

  2. Make an unpopular opinion video

  3. Share what you do in a day

  4. Unbox a new product

  5. Share a funny story from your day

I know a lot of these ideas sound obvious or simple, but this is what the algorithm likes right now. Lip-sync videos are just not a sustainable option to build a fanbase on Tik-Tok anymore. Out of the people that I enjoy following on Tik-Tok, not a single one of them is famous for lip sync videos, dances, or trending audios. We are in a new age of social media where we are starting to follow people for the value they bring to our lives. So, when you’re getting started, think about what you can provide for somebody else.

Get creating !

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