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How to make a social media posting schedule

If you are anything like me, posting on social media for your business or personal account can go by the wayside in our busy lives. Something that has helped me immensely is finding a time that works best for me and creating a posting schedule around that specific time. Below I walk through six steps to take to create your own social media posting schedule.

When Are You Most Energetic?

Figure out when you have the most energy in your day and schedule chunks of time to work on your social media in those high-energy times. For me, that’s when I first wake up in the morning. I wake up at 7 and have an alarm for 7:20 to post that reel I’ve been stressed about.

Record The Little Things

Record everything you do. Even the tedious tasks can be recycled into more extensive videos like what I do in a day, my favorite items, or a shopping haul. Or put interesting voice-overs on boring b-roll from your day. It works.

Utilize Technology

Use a planning app. Using an app that auto-schedules my posts has changed the game for me. It’s so much easier to be consistent when you don’t have to be accountable.

Make A List Of Content Ideas

Decide which topics you are talking about and when. I like to coordinate a full monthly calendar (sometimes even a full year) that tells my client exactly what we need to be promoting and talking about each day of the year. That way, there’s no struggling or grasping for random subjects on the day of a post.

Remind Yourself

Set alarms. Right now, Reels and TikToks can’t be Auto published. which drives me crazy! I rely on auto-publishing to create a seamless content schedule… but because Reels and TikToks are so popular, I have to adapt. So, I do is set an alarm for when a post needs to go live and let it ring until I sit down on my phone and open the app.

Remember The Goals

Understand the importance of social media. It’s one of the only forms of free advertising. The investment is so low and the return is so high you’d be crazy not to make this a priority for your business.


Creating a schedule for your social media not only keeps you organized but also helps you grow online. A consistent account is one of the best ways to grow your own personal social media accounts. Whether if you post once a week or daily, keep is consistent on your schedule.

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